District Court of Guam

(Current as of General Order 20-0015, dated April 13, 2020)


On April 13, 2020, the District Court of Guam issued General Order 20-0015. 


This order continued the temporary closure of the Court through May 5, 2020.  The U.S. Pretrial and Probation Office will also remain closed through May 6, 2020. 


People meeting certain COVID-19 related criteria will be denied entry to the court.  Those criteria include: recent travel, quarantine, diagnosis with COVID-19, contact with people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and people displaying flu-like symptoms. 


Criminal Matters

All criminal trials scheduled to begin before May 5, 2020 are continued.  The Court will entertain motions brought by defendants seeking to exempt their trials from the Court’s order due to the Sixth Amendment. No exceptions will be ordered without approval of the Chief Judge. 


Other criminal matters before the magistrate judge will be conducted via video conference, if agreed to by the defendant.  This includes initial appearances, arraignments, and detention hearings. 

All sentencing and revocation hearings scheduled to be heard on or before May 5, 2020 (and related deadlines) are continued.  Presentence Report due dates are vacated and will be rescheduled. 


Bankruptcy Matters


Civil Matters